Dogs have long held working roles in vineyards and wineries the world over. Here at Paracombe things are pretty much black and white with our wine woofas.

Charlie is white and fluffy and belongs to our founders Paul and Kathy. He’s a Maremma flock guardian dog, a noble breed that’s been around for over 2,000 years. He has a big personality and heart, matching perfectly with his burly size, and loves a pat. This makes him prime for his main role as chief meet and greeter of visitors to the cellar door. He is also happy to help out with overseeing the picking and pruning happenings of the vineyard as well.

Frank is Ben’s stunning Belgian Shepherd, an athletic and agile herding dog who loves nothing better than having the ball thrown so he can play fetch. He also loves keeping Ben company in his vineyard; helping out with crunching up the pruned vine canes along with moving the kangaroos off the property.

Living next door to each other, Frank will pay Charlie a friendly visit and visa versa, both dogs enjoying frolic time together amongst the vines.