Ecological Grape Growing and Wine Making

We care deeply about the environment and the footprint we leave on this land, carefully managing our vineyards and wine production to be sustainable with nature. We have taken important steps to minimise our impact on the environment and be efficient with valuable resources like water and energy in both grape growing and winemaking. We have an established water recycling program and have installed an extensive solar panel systems on our winery roof.

All our vines are hand pruned to keep yields low and ensure optimum grape quality. We slash the grass and disperse directly under the vines to produce mulch for water retention, promoting worm activity and healthy soils. We use organic based composts and fertilizers.

Our cellar door, office and function facility was built using Eco Wall panels, a product made from concrete covered, reconstituted polystyrene materials like broccoli boxes. This product is highly energy efficient and a fire retardant.

Our vision is always and will remain forward thinking seeking new and innovative ways to contribute towards a cleaner and greener environment ensuring a better future for us all.