Somerville Legacy - Honouring 119 Years of History

Paracombe is home to the Somerville Shiraz vineyard, the oldest producing vines in the Adelaide Hills. These vines grow on the Drogemuller family vineyard located on the Paracombe plateau boasting some of the oldest geology and most complex terroir in the world.

Over 119 years old, these magnificent, centurion old vines date back to the early 20th century when James ‘Jas’ Somerville a pioneer settled in Paracombe in the late 1800’s.  He was a man of vision and fortitude and the first to plant vines in the local district in 1903.

History saw many vineyards established in South Australia and then subsequently cleared to make way for different ventures. Remarkably this precious parcel of 500 Shiraz from the original Somerville vineyard at Paracombe still remained. Recognising their great significance, Paul and Kathy successfully dug up and  transplanted these old vines to their own vineyard in 1997. They also took cuttings from the vines to establish new plantings and continue their legacy.

At Paracombe we’re proudly the custodians of these treasured vines. We’re deeply committed  to honour and continue the ancestral Somerville tradition and history. Operations Manager, Ryan Giles is taking great care of the vineyard and where needed has commenced a layering program to produce new vines alongside the matriarchal ‘mother vines’.

Paracombe Somerville Shiraz is our iconic, super premium, limited release wine named in dedication to Jas Somerville and his legacy. This wine pays homage to our nation’s winemaking past and into the future and is proudly enjoyed worldwide.  Share in the fruits of history with this extraordinary wine.