Our Wine Reflects the Purity and Beauty of Nature

The Adelaide Hills is recognised as one of the most exciting, premium wine regions in the world. At Paracombe, the cool climate, high altitude, ancient soils, and gentle sunshine hours all come together to provide influence in our wines.

Come vintage time we walk through the vineyards sampling and tasting the fruit to capture the best quality and flavours for harvest. From there our wine crafting journey moves to the winery working with what nature has given us. Our wines benefit from gentle, minimal intervention style of winemaking. Our red wines see subtle, balanced oak use and cellar maturation prior to release.

Our strength is in our diversity and the ability to produce a superb range of fine wine. From sparkling, crisp aromatic whites, to medium, fuller style red wines that are a pleasure to drink and enjoy.

Where there is wine – there is love

With Paracombe, you’ll find your well loved favourites with our takes on the traditional varieties like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Shiraz. In our philosophy of being open minded, we love to be at the forefront with emerging wine styles offering exciting new wines like Pinot Blanc and fascinating blends such as The Reuben, Grüner V5 and Shiraz Viognier. All our wines are vegan friendly.

Our passion and commitment yields results with Paracombe Wines consistently winning awards and accolades, a testament to integrity and authenticity of our vineyards, our team, and our growers who all work hard to share in the joy of our success.