We Treasure This Beautiful
Place We Call Home

Paracombe is the local township where we’re located in the lofty heights of the Adelaide Hills. It was settled back in 1840 by John Barton Hack and John Richardson as a sheep station at the beginning of the 20th century. The name originates from the Little Para River whose headwaters originate in the area and ‘combe’ refers to a steep, narrow valley.

The Torrens Gorge is adjacent to Paracombe with magnificent rising slopes either side of the Torrens River as it converges onto the Adelaide plains below. Paracombe is a patchwork of beauty, with vineyards and surrounding orchards all adding to the panoramic tapestry of the area.

Our Place

The beauty and soul of terroir

Our vineyard at Paracombe sits on an ancient 1.7 billion year old plateau, 425 metres above sea level. The geology here is remarkable and rare comprising Barossa Complex soils representing the oldest rocks in the Mt Lofty Ranges in the Adelaide Hills.

Our soils are lean and layered with ironstone, buckshot gravel and quartz, a deeply historic remnant from an ancient riverbed with life giving, underground spring water below the earth. Our vine roots grow down deep, drawing up the minerals which along with minimal irrigation contribute a strong influence in wine style and flavour.

Our climate is cool, with warming sunshine during the day and temperature dropping at night granting slow, gentle ripening and rewarding in wines that offer lifted bouquets and superb fruit flavour, well balanced with natural acid.