Our iconic label design of a grape on a piece of stone is striking and stylish with its combination of white space, asymmetric layout and unusual photography. Designed by Adelaide designer, Gavin Klose, the single grape portrays the highest level of quality and care put into the vineyard looking after each and every grape.

The Paracombe vineyard is nestled on a plateau in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. The surrounding terrain is hilly with some parts being very steep. The piece of stone on which the grape sits is shaped to represent the shape of the Paracombe plateau taken from a contour map. Granite was chosen, as the colour and feel of granite is cool, this signifies Paracombe’s cool climate which is ideal for producing elegant and stylish wines.

We love how our label reflects the essence of Paracombe quality in a clear, elegant style. The design makes a positive impact and stands out from the crowd.